From the first name of his two daughters, Poerava (meaning « Black Pearl ») opened his first small pearl kiosk in 1998 in Papeete.

But it's in 1986, at the birth of her elder Tevei that she is trained in the world

magical world of the pearl of Tahiti. It will start with some fifty pearls in hand and

does not suspect that this will promise him a beautiful adventure.

Two years after its first point of sale, it opens in 2000 a new sign on Carrefour Punaauia.

Poerava decides to take on a new challenge in 2016 and opens again on Papeete at

ground floor of the Vaima Center, on the site of the former Robert Wan Pearl Museum.

It's also with the Venus © collection that Tevei Perle stands out and creates a

new trend of a necklace with V-shaped Tahitian pearls.

We hope that your visit to our little world

will amaze you as much as we are when we create the jewel of your dreams.